Artist Lee Lauritzen has been painting “Natural Images” of the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. His paintings depict forest, wildlife, streams, rivers, mountains, and a variety of outdoor scenes. His paintings and murals are included in numerous private, public, and corporate collections throughout the Northwest and United States.

The use of light, attention to detail, and a realistic painting style helps me capture the essence of natures beauty. Inspiration for my paintings often originates from light filtering through ancient forest branches and illuminating mosses, ferns, and the forest floor. The many moods found in nature are created by light, shadows, colors, texture, and contrast. Capturing these features on canvas is a welcome challenge.

Originally a forester, I have developed a strong connection and appreciation for natures beauty. My knowledge of forests, wildlife, plants, and ecosystem processes, have helped me create ” natural images”. This knowledge gives me the ability to paint images of plants, animals, and landscape features that are technically correct. If I am painting snow capped mountains, prairies, streams, ferns, or feathers, attention to detail helps give the viewer the feeling of “being there”.

All my paintings are done with acrylic paint on high quality pre-treated acid free archival canvas. I use a airbrush to create many special effects.

I have been commissioned to paint numerous paintings for clients across the nation. Each painting is jointly developed with the client. I take pride in my ability to work with them and create a painting that meets their needs. E-mail has become a great tool for developing ideas and exchanging proposed painting images. It is also a great way for the client to keep updated on the paintings progress. I have also done several murals in private homes and a public building. I enjoy the challenge of painting very large images.

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